Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My 2011 New Year's Resolutions Revisited

It's always fun to look back in time, to what you were thinking a year ago. Sometimes you'll be embarrassed, shocked, or horrified. But you'll always learn something about yourself that you never knew in that moment.

Here's my 2011 New Year's resolutions - titled TODO 2011
  1. finish my stupid WiimoteAudioPlayer - done!
  2. track money better (TODO: solidify this) - failed (being specific would've been helpful)
  3. make 20% more money - failed
  4. increase e.fund by 100% (by time) - done
  5. get through the wizard book - failed (a dismal chapter 1.2)
    • learn clojure - failed - I can read more clojure than before, but couldn't use clojure day-to-day
  6. sleep 8% more - failed. I didn't track this, but I think I slept less.
  7. lose 10% body mass - failed. I gained
  8. read 40% more books - I think this was a success, but I didn't count either 2010's or 2011's readings, so won't know for sure.
  9. move in with g/f - failed
  10. make 2012 todo list - failed
Summing up:

  • Two successes
  • One half-success
  • Eight failures
That means I've made progress! I might have a crack at making a more considered 2012 list in the next week or so.

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